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how much can you negotiate on a house

How to negotiate a lower home price 12 feb 2015 Many buyers may find themselves in the situation where they have found a home that they love and is the ideal size, layout, condition and meets all the criteria that they have been looking for.

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When negotiating, ask for an even lower price than you’re hoping to pay. Do this for two reasons: First, you might end up getting it. Second, if the landlord is at all interested in bargaining, you’ll likely need to meet halfway between your initial offer and the list price.

Knowing a seller’s psyche can help you decide how much to offer, how to negotiate and what terms to include prior to settlement. Find a middle ground. Negotiating is all about give and take.

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That’s what we thought. But once we got into the details of making an offer that was right for us, we learned that there is so much more than you can negotiate for, other than price. These items can save you thousands of dollars, or better yet, save you from the disappointment of buying the wrong home.

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With many offers on the table, you won’t have as much room to negotiate off results of the inspection. But if the house isn’t flying into contract, prepare to go through the inspection closely .

Read on for some tips on negotiating, along with a couple of scripts you can steal. If you live in a house and pay for.

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And that means that if you’re bargain shopping for a home, a few Black Friday-inspired ninja moves can work wonders here.

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